Two Most Important Elements in Portrait Photography

When clicking away a photo it does not only need a good subject but it needs good lightning and location as well. Master the art of portrait photography with the basics in the two elements of this field.


It doesn’t matter what your camera is when you want to shoot portraits of people and even yourself. This area of photography is called portrait photography where a photographer plays around with the shadows on the contour of the face of the individuals as well as the lights that reflect it.

In a photo gallery, portrait photography is the most sought after outputs in a photographer’s career. This may be because humans have the tendency to be vain or love themselves very much. But, remember you can always use a head start in your photography career as a portrait photography mater.

One thing you must remember to get a good shot of your subject is to take interest in him or her. Find out the best angle for your subject is key a portrait photography gallery. Apart from that there are also a lot of things to consider in portrait photography.

The number one thing to consider is location, most especially if you don’t have a photo studio of your own. You can always go outdoors or create a set within your midst. It is very easy to pick the right props and make your surroundings as pleasant as it could be.

Next is controlled lighting. In portrait photography, the photographer should be aware of where the light is coming from and where it should be aimed at. When the lights are standing or hanging from a higher source, the light will most definitely strike your subject rather than putting them slow. A portrait photography tip is to also diffuse your light on your subject to give that illuminated glow on the face of your subject. You may use soft boxes or umbrellas to diffuse the light. If you are on a tight budget you may use an illustration board to make the light reflect.

If cannot control the light because you are outdoors, try shooting at during an overcast day. It is best to shoot during the morning before the sun is directly overhead. If you want to shoot in the afternoon try the magic hour of three PM since the sun is not too hot and the sky is usually clear during this time. Portrait photography also needs a reflector for a good light diffusion.

A quick tip to best you portrait photography gallery is to shoot outdoors with the greens on the ground. This mean the shots on the grass or near trees where the sky is blue are golden for portrait photography shots. The colors of blue and green compliment with each other along with the tonal values of the skin of the person you are taking a snapshot with.

Fill your photography portrait gallery with shots that would wow your future clients. Just remember that the most important elements in portrait photography are the location and the light source. Now go and grab that camera, set your aperture to the widest opening and click away. You are sure that your photography career will go riveting up the scales with the skills that you have just learned.

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