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How to get started with Aviation Photography

If you’ve got the right equipment, a love of air crafts and a fearless sense of adventure, you sound like the type of person who would love aviation photography.
If you’re not a fan of heights, you could catch some low-flying aircraft, but that will require reaching an altitude where hills and craft meet, which is still pretty high! Or there’s ground-to-air photography, which is ideal for air shows and pressing your nose against an airport’s security fence. [Read more…]

All About Photography

The scientific method of trapping light or varied forms of  electromagnetic radiation is known as photography. In order to master the art of photography, one needs to mix an artistic touch with this scientific method and keep practicing it till they get better. Relentless efforts at perfecting this art would eventually result in superior images on a consistent basis. Employing an image sensor or some type of light sensitive material are other ways of channeling light, besides using electromagnetic radiation. A lens is the most common option that people use to focus on the reflected light. There are two basic types of camera used for shooting images, which are digital and film cameras. The methodology of photography was clearly explained by a well-known French painter and inventor, Hercules Florence, in 1834, in Campinas, Brazil, when the word, “photographie”, was published in his diary. The mention of the word photography dates back to March 14, 1839, when the word was spoken by Sir John Herschel at a lecture before the Royal Society of London. Although some sources as per the German newspaper, Vossische Zeitung, claim that it was Berlin astronomer, Johann von Maedler, who was the first person to use the word on February 25th in the very same year.

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